Boost your workflow and your cash flow — deposit checks from your own desk.


Make non-cash deposits from your own office with ExpressDeposit remote deposit service. Just scan any number of checks using the supplied desktop scanner and send them out for processing. Speed up your cash flow and reduce costs — sign your business up for ExpressDeposit today.

  • Deposit checks without leaving the office*
  • Safe and secure
  • Cost effective
  • Easy to use

What is ExpressDeposit?

ExpressDeposit is a cost effective, secure and easy-to-use service that allows you to make deposits electronically by scanning and transmitting your checks to IIB without leaving your office.

What type of business is right for ExpressDeposit?

Any business that primarily deposits checks. Free consultations are offered to businesses that are interested to determine whether ExpressDeposit is right for them.

How will ExpressDeposit benefit my business?

It will save valuable time and money preparing deposits, while eliminating daily trips to the bank.

Is there software I have to install on my computer?

ExpressDeposit is browser based so there are no application software updates you will need to worry about. Java, a tiff image viewer and a scanner driver are the only software components that need to be installed on your computer. 

What are my PC requirements?

  • Microsoft Windows 7 or 8.
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11.0 or greater.
  • One available USB port for the scanner (USB 2.0 recommended).
  • A higher speed internet connection, 256KB/sec or greater.
  • A fast processor, 1 GHz or greater.
  • Sufficient Memory, 1 GB or greater.
  • A monitor with good resolution.

How do I get started?

Contact your local IIB branch for an application. 

How long does it take to get set-up?

Once the application and necessary documentation has been completed the actual installation and training only takes about an hour.

What do I do with original checks once they have been scanned?

It is the responsibility of the business to securely store the original checks for 90 days and then destroy them.

Do I need to purchase a scanner?

Businesses will have the option to lease or purchase a scanner from Idaho Independent Bank at a nominal fee.

What if I currently use a different banks product and already have my own scanner?

In most cases this is not an issue as our system is compatible with many scanners.

How can I add to the list of accounts I can deposit to?

Please contact IIB's Cash Management team.

How do I handle a returned item?

A returned item may be run a second time throughout your ExpressDeposit system.

How late can I make a deposit?

Your deposits files are processed until 5:30pm Pacific Time. After 5:30pm they will be held over until the next business day. Files processed after 4:30pm Pacific Time will be charged at a higher rate.

What type of operational controls are in place?

Our system allows for multiple users with various limits to provide dual control on your transactions.

How do I add a new user?

Please contact IIB's Cash Management team.

What should we do when a user terminates or transfers to another position?

Your administrator needs to generate a new password for that user's login account right away to protect your company's information.

Why do I need a telephone?

IIB requires a telephone during the login process as a second method of confirming your Identification beyond your user name and password.  The ExpressDeposit system will call you and will provide a code for you to enter as you login.  This is merely an added layer of security

Do I have to have a separate phone line?

No, Internet access is all that is required. 

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*Service is subject to approval. ExpressDeposit system access is restricted to contracted customers only.